If you have a big family or are travelling with a large group of friends you might be looking for accommodation that allows you all to spend time together. Here are some of your options. 

Book a block of hotel rooms

While it can seem that hotel rooms are not the best option for a large group, you can often get a block of rooms next to each other if you book far enough in advance. These rooms can have interconnecting doors, which let you interact between rooms while still having the ability to shut rooms off at night for some privacy while you sleep. Many modern hotels also have shared living and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, games rooms and lounges where you can spend time with your group outside of your personal room. You can also often get a better price if you are booking a block of rooms, which can make this a cost-competitive option. 

Room sharing or subletting

Another option for accommodation for a large group can be to head onto a room sharing or subletting site, which can allow you to rent out an entire property directly from the owner. You can sometimes find luxurious holiday houses and city suites for a relatively low price per head. This can be a fun way to explore the city as these properties can be in different locations to the normal hotel districts and often have a more interesting ambiance than a hotel. The downside is that you may not get the daily turn-down and cleaning service that you would get an externally managed property. 

Group accommodation

Some accommodation sites which specialise in renting to large groups, such as facilities which specialise in running corporate conferences. These often will have self-contained lodges or villas that you can rent out. These can be great for large groups as they have self-contained living areas for the group so that you can do a range of activities together as well as rooms for each person. Even if you aren't a corporate group, these sites can be great for a group holiday as the conference room can double as a spot for charades or other fun activities. These are common in ski regions and other semi-rural locations. 

If you are looking for accommodation for a large group, there are a range of affordable options which will allow you to spend some time together as well as having some privacy for sleeping at night. Why not jump online and starting searching for your accommodation now?