Any luxury private charter broker will tell you that the experience is often determined by a combination of several choices. Many people chartering private yachts for one time events often end up becoming regular charterers because of the awesomely planned experience they had. The choices you make pre-charter can be the reason you join this club. Once you have the chosen the proper boat and destinations, that ideal vacation that you want for your family, colleagues or party can become more than just exhilarating if you make the following considerations when booking a luxury private charter service.


Although mainly under the purview of the boat owner and, perhaps, the captain, choosing the appropriate crew for your trip is crucial to everyone on the trip. While meeting with the broker, it is important to ask about the crew and get to examine its fit for your group. Not many people think about it early enough, but a more reserved captain and crew would not make the best fit for a relaxed party just seeking to have wild, memorable fun. The same comparison should be made when choosing a between a family vacation complete with the old people and a company trip including your bosses. The many repeat clients that many brokers recommend as references are those that rightly married their planned vacation with an able and ideal crew for their party.

Preference sheets

When booking a luxury private charter, you will be presented with a long questionnaire that stretches to several pages. Many people tend to quickly tick on the few things they consider essential in this list and forget to consult the party. It is not uncommon for a party to end up disappointed simply because you ticked only your preferences on this sheet. Ask the other people on the cruise what tastes they would love in cuisines, drinks, accommodation, facilities and even entertainment. It may seem like the yacht and trip are the main focus points, but the entire trip will be memorable based on the experiences. You would be surprised how many people end up being regular charterers simply because they loved the chef or the food on that particular trip.

On the preference sheet, don't forget to include specifics such as medical needs like insulin for that diabetic member or special needs features for that family member on a wheelchair.

Additional costs

Many charterers end up surprised or disappointed at the additional costs they incur on a trip. When booking a private luxury charter, consult with the broker or the captain on additional costs. Fuel, in particular, often surprises guests. A charterer may assume that they've been docked for two days and so the fuel costs are low. What they forget is that the cost of keeping on generators throughout the period increases fuel costs. The same happens when charterers want to dine offshore and don't consult with the captain on the extra charges they may incur. A good trip is often made on the foundation of such intricate details. Ensure you make a thorough job of selecting your vacation luxury private charter.